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Addicting Info: False Political Advertising: Constitutionally Legal?

-By The Pardu

September 24, 2011- Rick Perry is the perfect republican presidential candidate. He is backed by people with huge potential for campaign contributions, he has passed the Donald Trump litmus tests, and he has a campaign staff that develops false television advertisements. Perry also meets the oft reported GOP requirement of ‘attractive’. How many times have you heard, “He has good hair?”

The last well-known set of GOP ads meant to scare, also emanated from the GOP: The “Swift Boat” and the Roger Ailes “Willie Horton” ads. Both ad campaigns lead to Bush administrations. The Swift Boat ad is arguably responsible for the second George W. Bush term and current state of economic disaster.

Perry’s campaign has released two ads that are centered around a theme that is a flat-out lie. The first television ad followed Perry’s Obama “Zero” (created zero jobs) statement during the CNN/Tea Party debate.

Perry’s false claim about the poverty rate follows his false claim during his second debate appearance, when he said Obama’s stimulus measure “created zero jobs” since it was signed in February 2009. That untrue statement was called out not only by us, but other fact-finders as well, including debate cosponsor CNN.

His second ad is much the same. It does, however, include adroit plays on numbers and words. Though the ad fails to fall into the realm of ‘flat-out lie’. It most assuredly ‘smells like a duck and quacks like a duck’.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry makes another wildly false claim in a new Web ad — saying that the U.S. poverty rate has hit an “all-time high.” In fact, the rate is the highest since 1993, but 7.3 percentage points lower than it was in 1959, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent annual tallies.

As indicated by, the information in the ad will fall on minds that are tarnished by consumer confidence poll numbers and lower approval ratings for President Obama, the latest ad has potential for ‘believable’.




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